Sierra Counseling | Peak Performance
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Peak Performance

Peak performance is an easily recognized mental state where one is both focused and present. Neurofeedback is effectively used to enhance performance.

The common objective of neurofeedback is the enhancement of cerebral function and thus of organismic functional competence. This objective is not inherently deficit-focused. On the contrary, the method depends entirely on the enhancement of function that already exists. It is therefore a more organic perspective to regard neurofeedback generally as a method of achieving optimal functioning. One may even take that view if the starting point is a state of substantial dysfunction. Such dysfunctions may introduce some constraints, but the objective remains the same. Dysfunction subsides by virtue of improved function. What makes this view most appealing is that in the case of brain training with neurofeedback one is not confronted with a headroom limit. One can always do better in some respect or other. This is in contrast to much of traditional biofeedback, where the objective is to maintain good regulation of certain physiological variables, and once those objectives are achieved there is nothing more to aspire to.